The Instructor

imageFounder of Résumé Works, Liz Holtzinger, earned her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and Bachelor of Arts in English from The Pennsylvania State University (PSU).  She draws on her 16 years experience teaching writing to college undergraduates as a senior faculty instructor at PSU.  Check out her LinkedIn page for more about her professional qualifications.

Liz has coached effective job packet writing skills to hundreds of job seekers. She knows current industry standards and will help you get the calls for interviews that your experience deserves. She will provide the guidance and support you need in order to help you move on to “the next level”, wherever that might be for you. 

 Liz easily establishes relationships with people; helping people create the best representations of their best selves is what inspires the practice of Résumé Works. Résumé Works will help you with your current job application materials or your materials can be created from scratch. Résumé Works offers what run-of-the-mill career counseling services cannot: client relationships and doing all the hard work FOR YOU!

Résumé Works clients include C-suite level executives, bankers, lawyers, NFL athletes, teachers, grad students, college undergraduates… the list goes on! 

Here’s what some clients have said:

  • “The résumé we developed…is the one that got me a job. Liz is clear, helpful, and very respectful.” Anonymous
  • “As the former CEO of multi-billion dollar public and private companies, I thought I could write a good resume because I am reasonably intelligent and have great work experience. Wrong! Résumé Works crafted a unique, powerful resume that got the attention of Executive Recruiters and Employers alike. Hiring Résumé Works was the most impactful thing I did to enhance my effort to find the work I wanted to do next in my career. I could have never done by myself, what Résumé Works did for me.” Greg W.  
  • “Liz definitely helped me develop a more professional résumé that emphasizes my strengths and experience. With the help of her feedback and edits, I was able to craft successful job applications and land interviews with two top companies in my field. When I start up my next job search the first thing I’ll do is look back to her comments and advice.” Bryan S.