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Five Tips for Updating Your Resume

If advancing your career or changing jobs is on your list of “things to do,” then shake the dust off that old résumé and make it both current and consistent with what resonates with employers today.

Few hard and fast rules exist about résumé writing, but there are a myriad of mistakes that can be made. The first key to avoid your résumé landing in the trash is to write the résumé with a clear understanding of who will be receiving it (the audience—will it be an HR representative, a Hiring Manager, a Recruiter, etc.). Second, understand that the desired outcome of submitting a résumé is to increase your chances of being selected for an interview.  Résumés do not get people jobs; people’s presence, personality and polish get people jobs.

The résumé is a marketing tool, and the “product” being marketed is you.  Here are a few tips to increase the likelihood that your résumé gets noticed, resulting in a call to interview:

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