What We Do

Most job recruiters spend an average of six seconds examining a job candidate’s resume before making one of two decisions: (1) the resume, and by extension the candidate, is immediately cut from the pool and the resume and cover letter are sent to the “circular file”, or (2) the resume (the candidate) is given further consideration with a second, more thorough review of the resume in preparation for contacting the candidate for a first interview.

Six seconds.

A well-designed and well-written job application packet is essential for securing an interview– and eventual employment– with the employer of your dreams.

Your “personal brand” matters, and when on the job hunt, first impressions are everything.  In our hurried and digital age, those impressions are created not from initial face-to-face meetings but from your paper and online representations of professionalism.

Résumé Works helps clients by perfecting their job application materials.  We also offer consultation to improve clients’ online professional presence. No matter if you’re a C-level executive or a recent college graduate new to the job hunt, Résumé Works can help! We do all the work that goes into making a great first impression so that you don’t have to!

Résumé Works clients are armed with the kind of job application materials that employers are seeking.